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KubeJS Thermal


You can use KubeJS Thermal to add recipes to a lot of the machines from the Thermal Series.

Tip: you can use Ctrl/Cmd + F to search this page for the machine you are looking for.

onEvent('recipes', event => {
    // Redstone Furnace
    // Turn four coal into one diamond'minecraft:diamond', '4x minecraft:coal')
    // Dried kelp to leather, with a high energy cost'minecraft:leather', 'minecraft:dried_kelp').energy(20000)
    // Sawmill
    // Input one oak leaf and have a 5% chance of an apple, and 10% of a sapling[Item.of('minecraft:apple').withChance(0.05), Item.of('minecraft:oak_sapling').withChance(0.1)], 'minecraft:oak_leaves')
    // Turn an acacia slab into 4 buttons'4x minecraft:acacia_button', 'minecraft:acacia_slab')
    // Pulverizer
    // Turn any leaf block into 4 sticks with a 50% chance of a fifth. Has a low energy cost.'minecraft:stick').withChance(4.5), '#minecraft:leaves').energy(100)
    // Pulverise a flint into an iron nugget with a 10% chance of a second'minecraft:iron_nugget').withChance(1.1), 'minecraft:flint')
    // Induction Smelter
    // Turn one coal block into 4 diamonds with a 50% chance of a fifth['4x minecraft:diamond', Item.of('minecraft:diamond').withChance(0.5)], 'minecraft:coal_block')
    // Turn an iron ingot and a copper ingot into a gold ingot and require 10,000 FE'minecraft:gold_ingot', ['minecraft:iron_ingot', 'minecraft:copper_ingot']).energy(10000)
    // Centrifugal Separator
    // Centrifuge one sapling into 50% chance of a stick and 300mb of water[Item.of('minecraft:stick').withChance(0.5), Fluid.of('minecraft:water', 300)], '#minecraft:saplings')
    // Turn 2 sweet berries into red dye'minecraft:red_dye', '2x minecraft:sweet_berries')
    // Multiservo Press
    // Press seven bonemeal into a bone.'minecraft:bone', '7x minecraft:bone_meal')
    // Press an iron dust into an iron nugget using the coin die. To use an item as a die they must have the thermal:crafting/dies tag!'minecraft:iron_nugget', ['#forge:dusts/iron', 'thermal:press_coin_die'])
    // Magma Crucible
    // Turn a sapling into 400mb of water'minecraft:water', 400), '#minecraft:saplings').energy(100)
    // Melt ores into lava'minecraft:lava', 500), '#forge:ores')
    // Blast Chiller
    // Chill an arrow into an arrow of slowness'minecraft:tipped_arrow', '{Potion:"minecraft:slowness"}'), [Fluid.of('minecraft:water', 100), 'minecraft:arrow'])
    // Chill lava into raw iron using the ball cast. For an item to count as a cast it needs to have the thermal:crafting/casts tag!'minecraft:raw_iron', [Fluid.of('minecraft:lava', 1000), 'thermal:chiller_ball_cast'])
    // Fractionating Still
    // Refine Creosete oil into Tree oil and latex, with a chance of producing rubber[Item.of('thermal:rubber').withChance(0.8), Fluid.of('thermal:tree_oil', 100), Fluid.of('thermal:latex', 50)], Fluid.of('thermal:creosote', 200))
    // Refine tree oil into a small amount of refined fuel with a high energy cost'thermal:refined_fuel', 50), Fluid.of('thermal:tree_oil', 100)).energy(20000)
    // Unbrew an awkward potion. This uses the cofh core potion fluid with some nbt.[Fluid.of('minecraft:water', 1000), 'minecraft:nether_wart'], Fluid.of('cofh_core:potion', 1000, '{Potion:"minecraft:awkward"}'))
    // Alchemical Imbuer
    // Combine a redstone dust and 200mb of lava to make 200mb of destabilized redstone'thermal:redstone', 200), [Fluid.of('minecraft:lava', 200), 'minecraft:redstone'])
    // Brew an uncraftable potion (potion with no nbt) with 64 bedrock and an awkward potion. Oh, and an insane energy cost'cofh_core:potion', 1000), [Fluid.of('cofh_core:potion', 1000, '{Potion:"minecraft:awkward"}'), '64x minecraft:bedrock'])
    // Fluid Encapsulator
    // Fill a sponge with water. Why? Well why not?'minecraft:wet_sponge', [Fluid.of('minecraft:water', 10000), 'minecraft:sponge'])
    // Turn any gear into a machine frame by filling it with destabilized redstone. Nice and low energy cost too'thermal:machine_frame', ['#forge:gears', Fluid.of('thermal:redstone', 500)]).energy(500)