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The most basic script to add a single recipe: => {
  event.shaped('3x minecraft:stone', [
    'S S',
  ], {
    S: 'minecraft:sponge',
    A: 'minecraft:apple'

The most basic script to remove a recipe: => {
  event.remove({output: 'minecraft:stick'})

Example recipe script:

// Listen to server recipe event => {
  // Remove broken recipes from vanilla and other mods
  // This is on by default, so you don't need this line
  //event.removeBrokenRecipes = true

  //event.remove({}) // Removes all recipes (nuke option, usually not recommended)
  event.remove({output: 'minecraft:stone_pickaxe'}) // Removes all recipes where output is stone pickaxe
  event.remove({output: '#minecraft:wool'}) // Removes all recipes where output is Wool tag
  event.remove({input: '#forge:dusts/redstone'}) // Removes all recipes where input is Redstone Dust tag
  event.remove({mod: 'quartzchests'}) // Remove all recipes from Quartz Chests mod
  event.remove({type: 'minecraft:campfire_cooking'}) // Remove all campfire cooking recipes
  event.remove({id: 'minecraft:glowstone'}) // Removes recipe by ID. in this case, data/minecraft/recipes/glowstone.json
  event.remove({output: 'minecraft:cooked_chicken', type: 'minecraft:smoking'}) // You can combine filters, to create AND logic
  // You can use 'mod:id' syntax for 1 sized items. For 2+ you need to use '2x mod:id' or Item.of('mod:id', count) syntax. If you want NBT or chance, 2nd is required
  // See the Item and Ingredient for more information:

  // Add shapeless recipe for 4 Cobblestone from 1 Stone and 1 Glowstone
  // (Shortcut for
  event.shapeless('4x minecraft:cobblestone', ['minecraft:stone', '#forge:dusts/glowstone'])

  // Add Stonecutter recipe for Golden Apple to 4 Apples
  event.stonecutting('4x minecraft:apple', 'minecraft:golden_apple')
  // Add Stonecutter recipe for Golden Carrot to 2 Carrots
  event.stonecutting('2x minecraft:carrot', 'minecraft:golden_carrot')

  // Add Furnace recipe for Golden Apple to 3 Carrots
  // (Shortcut for
  event.smelting('2x minecraft:carrot', 'minecraft:golden_apple')
  // Similar recipe to above but this time it has a custom, static ID - normally IDs are auto-generated and will change. Useful for replacing existing recipes
  event.smelting('minecraft:golden_carrot', 'minecraft:carrot').id('mymodpack:my_recipe_id')

  // Add similar recipes for Blast Furnace, Smoker and Campfire
  event.blasting('3x minecraft:apple', 'minecraft:golden_apple')
  event.smoking('5x minecraft:apple', 'minecraft:golden_apple')
  event.campfireCooking('8x minecraft:apple', 'minecraft:golden_apple')
  // You can also add .xp(1.0) at end of any smelting, blasting or smoking recipe to change given XP
  // Add a smithing recipe that combines 2 items into one (in this case apple and gold ingot into golden apple)
  event.smithing('minecraft:golden_apple', 'minecraft:apple', 'minecraft:gold_ingot')

  // Create a function and use that to make things shorter. You can combine multiple actions
  let multiSmelt = (output, input, includeBlasting) => {
    event.smelting(output, input)
    if (includeBlasting) {
      event.blasting(output, input)
  multiSmelt('minecraft:blue_dye', '#forge:gems/lapis', true)
  multiSmelt('minecraft:black_dye', 'minecraft:ink_sac', true)
  multiSmelt('minecraft:white_dye', 'minecraft:bone_meal', false)

  // You can use event.custom({json}) to use vanilla Json/datapack syntax. Must include "type": "mod:recipe_id"!
  // You can add recipe to any recipe handler that uses vanilla recipe system or isn't supported by KubeJS
  // You can copy-paste the json directly, but you can also make more javascript-y by removing quotation marks from keys
  // You can replace {item: 'x', count: 4} in result fields with Item.of('x', 4).toJson()
  // You can replace {item: 'x'} / {tag: 'x'} with Ingredient.of('x').toJson() or Ingredient.of('#x').toJson()
  // In this case, add Create's crushing recipe, Oak Sapling to Apple + 50% Carrot
  // Important! Create has integration already, so you don't need to use this. This is just an example for datapack recipes!
  // Note that not all mods format their jsons the same, often the key names ('ingredients', 'results', ect) are different. 
  // You should check inside the mod jar (mod.jar/data/modid/recipes/) for examples.
    type: 'create:crushing',
    ingredients: [
    results: [
    processingTime: 100
  // Example of using items with NBT in a recipe
  // Might be broken
  event.shaped('minecraft:book', [
  ], {
    C: '#forge:cobblestone',
    // Item.of('id', '{key: value}'), it's recommended to use /kubejs hand, which will give you this syntax.
    // If you want to add a count its Item.of('id', count, '{key: value}'). This won't work here though as crafting table recipes to do accept stacked items
    L: Item.of('minecraft:enchanted_book', '{StoredEnchantments:[{lvl:1,id:"minecraft:sweeping"}]}').weakNBT(),
    // Same principle, but if its an enchantment, there's a helper method
    W: Item.of('minecraft:enchanted_book').enchant('minecraft:respiration', 2).weakNBT(),
    G: '#forge:glass'
  // In all shapeless crafting recipes except ones from create, replace any planks with Gold Nugget in input items
  event.replaceInput({type: 'minecraft:crafting_shapeless', not: {mod: 'create'}}, '#minecraft:planks', 'minecraft:gold_nugget')
  // In all recipes, replace Stick with Oak Sapling in output items 
  event.replaceOutput({}, 'minecraft:stick', 'minecraft:oak_sapling')
  // By default KubeJS will mirror and shrink recipes, which makes things like UU-Matter type crafting harder to do as you have less shapes.
  // You can use noMirror() and noShrink() to stop this behaviour.
  event.shaped('9x minecraft:emerald', [
    ' D ',
    'D  ',
    '   '
  ], {
    D: 'minecraft:diamond'

Possible settings you can change for recipes. It's recommended that you put this in it's own server scripts file, like settings.js

// priority: 5

// Enable recipe logging, off by default
settings.logAddedRecipes = true
settings.logRemovedRecipes = true
// Enable skipped recipe logging, off by default
settings.logSkippedRecipes = true
// Enable erroring recipe logging, on by default, recommended to be kept to true
settings.logErroringRecipes = false

As mentioned before, you can add any recipe from any mod with JSON syntax (see event.custom({})) but these mods are supported as addons with special syntax:

Ingredient Actions

Poorly documented things below!

You can transform ingredients in shaped and shapeless recipes by adding these functions at end of it:

  • .damageIngredient(IngredientFilter filter, int damage?) // Will damage item when you craft with it
  • .replaceIngredient(IngredientFilter filter, ItemStackJS item) // Will replace item with another (like bucket)
  • .keepIngredient(IngredientFilter filter) // Will keep item without doing anything to it
  • .customIngredientAction(IngredientFilter filter, String customId) // Custom action that has to be registered in startup script

IngredientFilter can be either

  • ItemStackJS ('minecraft:dirt', Item.of('minecraft:diamond_sword'), etc)
  • Integer index of item in crafting table (0, 1, etc)
  • Object with item and/or index ( {item: 'something', index: 0}, etc)¬†

Examples: => {
  event.shapeless('9x minecraft:melon_slice', [ // Craft 9 watermelon slices
    Item.of('minecraft:diamond_sword'), // Diamond sword that ignores damage
    'minecraft:melon' // Watermelon block
  ]).damageIngredient(Item.of('minecraft:diamond_sword')) // Damage the sword (also has to ignore damage or only 0 damage will work)

  // Craft an oak log from 2 diamond swords and 2 dirt. After crafting first diamond sword is damaged (index 0) and 2nd sword is kept without changes.
  event.shaped('minecraft:oak_log', [
    'SD ',
    'D S'
  ], {
    S: Item.of('minecraft:diamond_sword'),
    D: 'minecraft:dirt'

  // Craft a birch log from 2 diamond swords and 2 stones. After crafting, diamond sword is replaced with stone sword
  event.shapeless('minecraft:birch_log', [
  ]).replaceIngredient('minecraft:diamond_sword', 'minecraft:stone_sword')

  // Craft clay from sand, bone meal, dirt and water bottle. After crafting, glass bottle is left in place of water bottle
  // Note that (most) buckets do this automatically, you dont need replaceIngredient for those!
  event.shapeless('minecraft:clay', [
    Item.of('minecraft:potion', {Potion: "minecraft:water"})
  ]).replaceIngredient({item: Item.of('minecraft:potion', {Potion: "minecraft:water"})}, 'minecraft:glass_bottle')

  // Register a customIngredientAction, and recipe that uses it
  // This one takes the nbt from an enchanted book and applies it to a tool in the crafting table, for no cost.
  // Thanks to Prunoideae for providing it!
  Ingredient.registerCustomIngredientAction("apply_enchantment", (itemstack, index, inventory) => {
      let enchantment = inventory.get(inventory.find(Item.of("minecraft:enchanted_book"))).nbt;
      if (itemstack.nbt == null)
          itemstack.nbt = {}
      itemstack.nbt = itemstack.nbt.merge({ Enchantments: enchantment.get("StoredEnchantments") })
      return itemstack;

 event.shapeless("minecraft:book", ["#forge:tools", Item.of("minecraft:enchanted_book")])
      .customIngredientAction("#forge:tools", "apply_enchantment")