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KubeJS Create

KubeJS Legacy Addons

Create integration for KubeJS. This mod allows you to add and properly edit recipes of Create mod in KubeJS scripts. All supported recipe types and examples are below. See Recipes page for more info. Simple Recipe Types createCrushing createCutting creat...

Changing Window Title and Icon

KubeJS Other

Yes, you can do that with KubeJS too. To change title, all you have to do is change title in kubejs/config/ To change icon, you create a kubejs/config/packicon.png image in standard Minecraft texture size preferably (64x64, 128x128, 256x256...

Loading Assets and Data

KubeJS Other

You can also use KubeJS to load assets from resource packs and data from datapacks! While this isn't the only method, its one of the easiest. Other options are <TODO: make and link server datapack load page and client generate assets event page> The dat...

Default Options

KubeJS Legacy Other

You can ship default options from options.txt with KubeJS. This includes keybindings, video settings, enabled resource packs, controls like autojump and toggle sprint and wierd things like advanced tooltips. Why use this instead of just shipping options.txt? ...

Running Commands

KubeJS Legacy Examples

Preface Sometimes, you might want to run a command (such as /tell @a Hi!), in your code. Most always, there is better method, but sometimes, you just don't want to learn more complicated topics, and just run a command. Basic Usage The most basic usage woul...

Spawning Entities

KubeJS Legacy Examples

Basics Overview Spawning entities consists of 3 steps: Making the variable storing the future entity Modifying the attributes of the entity Spawning the entity Making a variable to store the entity Example level is just a placeholder, in your code ...

3rd Party addons

KubeJS Legacy Addons

3rd party add-ons: (Not including mods with optional dependencies of KubeJS) Name: Description Links Loader Versions Ponder for KubeJS Make custom Create Ponder scenes with KubeJS. Wiki CurseForge Discord Github Forge 1.16.5 1.18.2 ...

Introduction and Installation

KubeJS Legacy Getting Started

Installation Install the mod and its two dependencies Architectury and Rhino.Make you use the most resent version of each mods for your version.If you are using 1.16 fabric then use this instead. When you first install KubeJS, you will need to launch Minecra...

Your First Script

KubeJS Legacy Getting Started

Writing Your First Script If you have launched the game at least once before you will find kubejs/server_scripts/example_server_script.js It looks like this: // priority: 0 settings.logAddedRecipes = true settings.logRemovedRecipes = true settings.logSk...

Basics Custom Mechanics

KubeJS Legacy Getting Started

By now you have created a custom recipe, or maybe multiple, or even manipulated tags, or created custom items or blocks. But you want to do more then that, you want to add a custom mechanic, for example milking a goat. The first step is to break down your id...


KubeJS Events

The tag event is a server event. Tags are per item/block/fluid/entity_type and as such cannot be added based on things like NBT data! The tags event takes an extra parameter that determines which registry it's adding tags to. You will generally only need ite...

Migrating to KubeJS 6

KubeJS Legacy

This page is still being worked on, so if some info is missing, please check back later! What's changed in the new KubeJS 6 (1.19.2+)? onEvent() onEvent('event', e => {}) syntax was replaced by SomeEventGroup.someEventName(e => {}) // Before onEvent('bloc...

Using ProbeJS

KubeJS Legacy Getting Started

ProbeJS is an add-on that is built exclusively to help you program. What it does: It generates documentation files from digging around in the game code itself. So, you get all the methods, not only from KubeJS, but also from base Minecraft, no matter they're...

Custom Items

KubeJS Events

The custom item event is a startup event. Custom items are created in a startup script. They cannot be reloaded without restarting the game. The event is not cancellable. // Listen to item registry event StartupEvents.registry('item', e => { // The textu...

Custom Tiers

KubeJS Events

The custom tier event is a startup event. You can make custom tiers for armor and tools in a startup script. They are not reloadable without restarting the game. The events are not cancellable. Tool tiers ItemEvents.toolTierRegistry(event => { event.add(...


KubeJS Events

This page is still under development. It is not complete, and subject to change at any time. The recipe event is a server event. Contents How Recipes & Callbacks Work Adding Recipes Shaped Shapeless Smithing Smelting & other Cooking Stonecutting ...

Command Registry

KubeJS Legacy Events

This page is unfinished and only provides basic information Example: The following code has not been completely tested on 1.18 and not at all on 1.16 onEvent("command.registry", event => {//command registry event const { commands: Commands, arguments: ...

Datapack Load Events

KubeJS Legacy Events

You can load json datapack files programmatically! onEvent('server.datapack.first', event => { event.addJson(name, json) }) resourceLocation could be minecraft:loot_tables/entities/villager.json json could be for example: { type: "entity", pools:...

KubeJS Thermal

KubeJS Addons

Download: CurseForge, Modrinth This info is currently incomplete! Supported recipe types: - furnace- sawmill- pulverizer- smelter- centrifuge- press- crucible- chiller- refinery- brewer- bottler'minecraft:bone', '#forge:dyes/bl...


KubeJS Addons

Download: CurseForge No info yet!