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KubeJS Other

You can ship default options from options.txt with KubeJS. This includes keybindings, video settings, enabled resource packs, controls like autojump and toggle sprint and wierd things like advanced tooltips. Why use this instead of just shipping options.txt? ...

Loading Assets and Data

KubeJS Legacy Other

You can also use KubeJS to load assets from resource packs and data from datapacks! While this isn't the only method, its one of the easiest. Other options are loading datapack jsons programmatically <TODO: one for assets>. The kubejs/data folder is loaded id...

Components, KubeJS and you!

KubeJS Legacy Global

In 1.18.2 and beyond KubeJS uses Components in a lot of places. It returns them for entity names, item names and accepts them for everything from tooltips to sending messages to players. All examples use event.player.tell from the event to output ...

KubeJS Thermal

KubeJS Legacy Addons

  You can use KubeJS Thermal to add recipes to a lot of the machines from the Thermal Series. Tip: you can use Ctrl/Cmd + F to search this page for the machine you are looking for. onEvent('recipes', event =&gt; { // Redstone Furnace // Turn four ...

Item and Ingredient

KubeJS Legacy Global

When making recipes you can specify items in many ways, the most common is just to use 'namspace:id', like 'minecraft:diamond', however you can also use Item#of and Ingredient#of for advanced additions, such as NBT or count. Note that Item and Ingredient are ...


KubeJS Events

The tag event is a server event. The tags event takes an extra parameter that determines which registry its adding tags to. You will generally only need item, block, and fluid tags. However, it does support adding tags to any registry, including other mods on...

Custom Items

KubeJS Events

The custom item event is a startup event. Custom items are created in a startup script. They cannot be reloaded without restarting the game. The event is not cancellable. // Listen to item registry event StartupEvents.registry('item', event => { // The t...

Custom Tiers

KubeJS Events

The custom tier event is a startup event. You can make custom tiers for armour and tools in a startup script. They are no reloadable without restarting the game. The events are not cancellable Tool tiers ItemEvents.toolTierRegistry (event => { event.add(...


KubeJS Events

Examples The most basic script to add a single recipe: => { event.shaped('3x minecraft:stone', [ 'SAS', 'S S', 'SAS' ], { S: 'minecraft:sponge', A: 'minecraft:apple' }) }) The most basic script t...