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Item modification

This page is still under construction! Please yell at ChiefArug for publishing it too early.

Item modification is a startup event.

ItemEvents.modification is a startup script event used to modify various properties of existing items.

ItemEvents.modification(event => {
  event.modify('minecraft:ender_pearl', item => {
    item.maxStackSize = 64
    item.fireResistant = true
    item.rarity = "UNCOMMON"
  event.modify('minecraft:ancient_debris', item => {
    item.rarity = "RARE"
    item.fireResistant = false
    item.burnTime = 16000
  event.modify('minecraft:turtle_helmet', item => {
    item.rarity = "EPIC"
    item.maxDamage = 481
    item.craftingRemainder = Item.of('minecraft:scute').item

Available properties:

Property Value typeType Description
maxStackSize int Sets the maximum stack size for items. Default is 64 for most items.
maxDamage int Sets the maximum damage an item can take before it is broken.
craftingRemainder Item Sets the item left behind in the crafting grid when this item is used as a crafting ingredient (like milk buckets in the cake recipe). Most items do not have one.
fireResistant boolean If this item burns in fire and lava. Most items are false by default, but Ancient Debris and Netherite things are not.
rarity Rarity Sets the items rarity. This is mainly used for the name colour. COMMON by default. Nether Stars and Elytra are UNCOMMON, Golden Apples are RARE and Enchanted Golden Apples are EPIC. 
burnTime int Sets the burn time (in ticks) in a regular furnace for this item. Note that Smokers and Blast Furnaces burn fuel twice as fast. Coal is 1600.
foodProperties FoodProperties Sets the items food properties to the provided properties. Can be null to remove food properties.
Sets the properties according to the consumer. See example below //TODO ADD LINK
digSpeed float Sets the items digging speed to the number provided. See table below for defaults.
Sets the items tier according to the consumer. See example below //TODO ADD LINK
attackDamage double Adds an attack damage bonus. If this is a tool-type item then you should modify the tier instead. Can be negative.
attackSpeed double Adds an attack speed bonus. If this is a tool-type item then you should modify the tier instead. Can be negative.
armorProtection double Adds an armor protection bonus. Can be negative.
armorToughness double Adds an armor toughness bonus. Can be negative.
double Add an armor knockback resistance bonus. Can be negative. 1 is full knockback resistance.


Tool defaults
Tier maxDamage digSpeed attackDamage (this is a bonus, not the final value)


59 2 0
Stone 131 4 1
Iron 250 6 2
Diamond 1561 8 3
Gold 32 12 0
Netherite 2031 9 4
Armor defaults

All boxes with multiple values are formatted [head, chest, legs, feet]. Boxes with single values are the same for every piece.




armorToughness armorKnockbackResistance
Leather [65, 75, 80, 55] [1, 2, 3, 1] 0 0
Chain [195, 225, 240, 165]
[1, 4, 5, 2]
0 0
Iron [195, 225, 240, 165]
[2, 5, 6, 2]
0 0
Gold [91 ,105, 112, 77]
[1, 3, 5, 2]
0 0
Diamond [429, 495, 528, 363]
[3, 6, 8, 3]
2 0
Turtle (only has helmet) [325, nil, nil. nil]
[2, nil, nil, nil]
0 0
Netherite [481, 555, 592, 407]
[3, 6, 8, 3]
3 0.1
Elytra (not actually armor) [nil, 432, nil, nil] 0 0 0


Options for modifying tiers

PropertyValue TypeDescription
usesintThe maximum damage before this tool breaks.
speedfloatThe digging speed of this tool.
attackDamageBonusfloatThe bonus attack damage of this tool.
levelintThe mining level of this tool.
enchantmentValueintThe enchanting power of this tool. The higher this is, the better the enchantments at an Enchanting Table are.
repairIngredientIngredientThe material used to repair this tool in an anvil.