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KubeJS Intro

What does this mod do? This mod lets you create scripts in JavaScript language to manage your server, add new blocks and items, change recipes, add custom handlers for quest mods and more! How to use it? Run the game with mod installed once. It should gener...

List of Events

KubeJS Events

This is a list of all events. It's possible that not all events are listed here, but this list will be updated regularly. Click on event ID to open its class and see information, fields, and methods. Type descriptions: Startup: scripts go into the /kubejs...

Changing Window Title and Icon

KubeJS Other

Yes, you can do that with KubeJS too. To change title, all you have to do is change title in kubejs/config/ To change icon, you create a kubejs/config/packicon.png image in standard Minecraft texture size preferably (64x64, 128x128, 256x256...

Loading Assets and Data

KubeJS Other

You can also use KubeJS to load assets from resource packs and data from datapacks! While this isn't the only method, its one of the easiest. Other options are <TODO: make and link server datapack load page and client generate assets event page> The dat...

Default Options

KubeJS Legacy Other

You can ship default options from options.txt with KubeJS. This includes keybindings, video settings, enabled resource packs, controls like autojump and toggle sprint and wierd things like advanced tooltips. Why use this instead of just shipping options.txt? ...

KubeJS REI Runtime

KubeJS Addons

Download: Curseforge Modrinth KubeJS REI Runtime lets you show/hide items in REI dynamically, it provides these methods by default: // in client_scripts REIRuntime.showItem(item); // shows an item in REI REIRuntime.showItems([item, item, ...]); // shows ...

KubeJS Botany Pots

KubeJS Addons

Download: Curseforge Modrinth This mod allows you to create crops, soils, and fertilizers for the Botany Pots mod. => { "minecraft:candle", // seed item ["oak_leaves"], // cate...

KubeJS Ars Nouveau

KubeJS Addons

Download: Curseforge, Modrinth This addon allows you to create recipes for the mod Ars Nouveau => { [ "minecraft:sand", "minecraft:sand", ...

KubeJS ProjectE

KubeJS Addons

Download: Curseforge, Modrinth Lets you set the EMC values of items and the Philosopher's Stone transformations blocks with the ProjectE mod. Examples are shown below. Server side events ( server_scripts ): ProjectEEvents.setEMC(event => { // sets the ...

KubeJS Powah

KubeJS Addons

Download: Curseforge Modrinth Allows you to create Energizing Orb recipes from the Powah mod.  Example: => { // .energizing([inputs, ...], output, energy)["minecraft:cobblestone"], "minecraft...

KubeJS Farmers Delight

KubeJS Addons

Download: Curseforge Example: Startup Scripts: StartupEvents.registry("block", event => { event.create('example_pie', 'farmersdelight:pie') .sliceItem('kubejs:example_pie_slice') .displayName('Example Pie') event.create('example_feast', 'far...

KubeJS Industrial Foregoing

KubeJS Addons

Download: Curseforge This lets you modify and create various recipes for Industrial Foregoing => { ["minecraft:tnt"], // input items "minecraft:water", /...