KubeJS Create

Create integration for KubeJS. This mod allows you to add and properly edit recipes of Create mod in KubeJS scripts. All supported recipe types and examples are below. See Recipes page for more info.

Simple Recipe Types

Bulk Smoking and Bulk Blasting recipes are auto generated from vanilla smelting, smoking, and blasting recipes.


event.recipes.create.mixing(output[], input[])
event.recipes.createMixing(output[], input[])

Output can be an item, fluid, or an array of multiple.

Input can be an ingredient, fluid, or an array of multiple.

onEvent('recipes', event => {
		'2x bone_meal',
		Item.of('5x bone_meal').withChance(0.5)
	], 'bone_block')


	event.recipes.createFilling('create:blaze_cake', [
		Fluid.of('minecraft:lava', 250)

		Fluid.of('create:honey', 250)
	], 'minecraft:honey_bottle')

Mechanical Crafter


event.recipes.create.mechanicalCrafting(output, pattern[], {patternKey: input})
event.recipes.createMechanicalCrafting(output, pattern[], {patternKey: input})

This recipe type is the same as regular crafting table shaped recipe, however the pattern can be up to 9x9, instead of 3x3.

onEvent('recipes', event => {
	event.recipes.createMechanicalCrafting('minecraft:piston', [
	], {
		C: '#forge:cobblestone',
		P: '#minecraft:planks',
		R: '#forge:dusts/redstone',
		I: '#forge:ingots/iron'

Sequenced Assembly


event.recipes.create.sequencedAssembly(output[], input, sequence[]).transitionalItem(transitionalItem).loops(loops)
event.recipes.createSequencedAssembly(output[], input, sequence[]).transitionalItem(transitionalItem).loops(loops)

Output is an item or an array of items.

If it is an array:

Input is an ingredient.

Transitional Item is any item* and is used during the intermediate stages of the assembly.

Sequence is an array of recipes.

Loops is the number of time that the recipes repeats. Calling .loops() is optional, and defaults to 4.

onEvent('recipes', event => {
	event.recipes.createSequencedAssembly([ // start the recipe
		Item.of('create:precision_mechanism').withChance(130.0), // this is the item that will appear in JEI as the result
		Item.of('create:golden_sheet').withChance(8.0), // the rest of these items will part of the scrap
		Item.of('2x gold_nugget').withChance(2.0),
	],'create:golden_sheet',[ // 'create:golden_sheet' is the input
		// the transitional item set by "transitionalItem('create:incomplete_large_cogwheel')" is the item used during the intermediate stages of the assembly
 	 	// like a normal recipe function, is used as a sequence step in this array. Input and output have the transitional item
	]).transitionalItem('create:incomplete_precision_mechanism').loops(5) // set the transitional item and the loops (amount of repetitions)

	// for this code to work, kubejs:incomplete_spore_blossom need to be added to the game
	let inter = 'kubejs:incomplete_spore_blossom' // making a varrible to store the transition item makes the code more readable
			Item.of('spore_blossom').withChance(16.0), // this is the item that will appear in JEI as the result
			Item.of('flowering_azalea_leaves').withChance(16.0), // the rest of these items will part of the scrap
		],'flowering_azalea_leaves', [ // 'flowering_azalea_leaves' is the input
			// the transitional item is a varrible, that is "kubejs:incomplete_spore_blossom", and is used during the intermediate stages of the assembly
			event.recipes.createPressing(inter, inter),
			// like a normal recipe function, is used as a sequence step in this array. Input and output have the transitional item
			event.recipes.createDeploying(inter, [inter, 'minecraft:hanging_roots']),
			event.recipes.createFilling(inter, [inter, Fluid.of('minecraft:water',420)]),
			event.recipes.createDeploying(inter, [inter, 'minecraft:moss_carpet']),
  			event.recipes.createCutting(inter, inter)
		]).transitionalItem(inter).loops(2) // set the transitional item and the loops (amount of repetitions)

Transitional Items

As mentioned earlier, any item can be a transition item. However, this is not completely recommended.

If you wish to make your own transitional item, its best if you make the type create:sequenced_assembly.

1.16 syntax
onEvent('item.registry', event => {
	event.create('incomplete_spore_blossom').displayName('Incomplete Spore Blossom').type('create:sequenced_assembly')
1.18 syntax
onEvent('item.registry', event => {

Mysterious Conversion

Mysterious Conversion recipes are client side only, so the only way to add them currently is using reflection.


Goes inside of client scripts and not in an event.

//makes the varribles used
let MysteriousItemConversionCategory = java('com.simibubi.create.compat.jei.category.MysteriousItemConversionCategory')
let ConversionRecipe = java('com.simibubi.create.compat.jei.ConversionRecipe')

//adds in the recipes
MysteriousItemConversionCategory.RECIPES.add(ConversionRecipe.create('minecraft:apple', 'minecraft:carrot'))

MysteriousItemConversionCategory.RECIPES.add(ConversionRecipe.create('minecraft:golden_apple', 'minecraft:golden_carrot'))

Preventing Recipe Auto-Generation

If you don't want a smelting, blasting, smoking, crafting, or stone-cutting to get an auto-generated counter part, then include manual_only at the end of the recipe id.

onEvent('recipes', event => {

Other types of prevention, can be done in the create config (the goggles button leads you there).

If it is not in the config, then you can not change it.

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