Introduction and Installation


Install the mod and its two dependencies Architectury and Rhino.
Make you use the most resent version of each mods for your version.
If you are using 1.16 fabric then use this instead.

When you first install KubeJS, you will need to launch Minecraft with the mods (and the game not crashing) to generate the some folders and files.

The kubejs folder

Finding it

Everything you do in KubeJS in located in the kubejs folder in your instance.

From now on this will be referenced as the kubejs folder.

The contents of it

You can find type-specific logs in logs/kubejs/ directory

Other Useful Tools

Code is just a language that computers can understand. However, the grammar of the language, called syntax for code, is very precise. When you code has a syntactical error, the computer does not know what to do and will probably do something that you do not desire.

With KubeJS we will be writing a lot of code, so it important to avoid these errors. Luckily, there are tools called code editors, that can help us write code correctly.

We recommend installing Visual Studio Code as it is light-ish and has great built in JS support. Now when you edit you java script files, it will not only warn you when you make most syntactical errors, but also help you prevent them in the first place.

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