Command Registry

This page is unfinished and only provides basic information


The following code has not been completely tested on 1.18 and not at all on 1.16

onEvent("command.registry", event => {//command registry event
    const { commands: Commands, arguments: Arguments} = event;
    event.register(//register a new command
        Commands.literal("myCommand")//the command is called myCommand
		.requires(src => src.hasPermission(2))//2 is op. This line is optional, but you can also instead of just one value, wrap it in {}s and use return to write a more complex requirement checks
		.then(Commands.argument('arg1', Arguments.STRING.create(event))//takes argument string called arg1. You can have as many (or none) as you want.
			.then(Commands.argument('arg2', Arguments.FLOAT.create(event))//takes argument float called arg2. The other type you can use can be found with ProbeJS
				.executes(ctx => {//run the command
					const arg1 = Arguments.STRING.getResult(ctx, "arg1");//get recipe
					const arg2 = Arguments.FLOAT.getResult(ctx, "arg2");//get the value
                    //your code goes here
					if(arg1 == "example")
                    	return 0//return 0 means command did not work
                    let level = ctx.source.level.asKJS()
                    let position = ctx.source.position
                    //hurt entities in a around a area of where the command was run
                    let i = 0
                    level.getEntitiesWithin(AABB.of(position.x()-2,position.y()-2,position.z()-2,position.x()+2,position.y()+2,position.z()+2)).forEach(entity => {
                    	if ( {
                          if (entity.type == "minecraft:player") entity.tell(arg1) //tell players that got hurt the message that is arg1
					return i // always return something
			)// every then requires a ')' so dont forget them
		)//but requires does not

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